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Asset-Backed Loans

Working Capital

Project Financing

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At Prime, we understand that securing funding can be a challenge for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). That is why we have loans specifically for different businesses – be it SME, Working Capital, or Bridging Loans.

Asset-Backed Loans

At Prime, we offer asset-backed loans, which are a type of financing secured by tangible assets owned by the borrower. These assets that acts as collateral could include real estate in the form of commercial or residential properties.

This type of loan is particular beneficial for businesses that have valuable assets but require additional capital for expansion, operations or other purposes. Talk to us today to learn how we can help you unlock value from your property assets!

Lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans

Access to larger loan amounts subjected to value of assets

Easier approval process as collateral provides security to the lender

Working Capital

Designed as short-term loans to help businesses manage their cash flow and meet immediate financial obligations, working capital loans can ensure that businesses have the liquidity to continue their operations without hindrance.

Share with us your financial requirements today so that we can tailor solutions to meet your business needs.

Flexibility to cover various operational expenses

Aids businesses with navigating seasonal fluctuations in cash flow

Shorter repayment periods for businesses to quickly address immediate financial needs

Project Financing

A specialized form of funding used to finance large-scale projects, this type of loan focuses on the financial viability of the project instead of basing it solely on the creditworthiness of the borrower. 

Secured a new business opportunity? Talk to us for a review on how we can finance your project’s cash flow. 

Enables businesses to undertake large projects without impacting their balance sheet

Project seems as primary source of repayment

Attractive to potential investors